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It's raining outside. I haven't written a post for 3 weeks. I feel slightly aggrieved………………right enough of that, here's some highlights from the past 3 weeks.


1. Discovered that I can crochet (after all).

Last winter I decided to try crochet. Having two left hands I thought I might stand a greater chance of succeeding with one crochet hook where I had failed with two knitting needles.

Knowing that teaching myself from a book would fail I took myself off into the city to Morris & Sons (York Street,Sydney) and paid for a 3 hour beginners course.

The course was fun, lot's of women (of varying ages) lamenting over their inability to master a double crochet. It sounds dull but those doily making ladies of age have a few tales or two tucked under their hats. So after 3 hours of crochet confusion and raucous story telling I went home full of promise.

A few days later I began to notice that my new skills were beginning to dwindle, 3 weeks thereafter I gave up completely and relegated my notes and new crochet books to the back of the cupboard (next to the knitting books).

For some reason two weeks ago I decided to try again and was amazed to discover that after a few initial hiccups I was able to complete more than 5 stitches. In fact I was able to make a small doily (in honour of the aformentioned ladies).

Now I am not saying I am good at crochet but compared to last years efforts I atleast qualify for the novice level.

I am not sure how or why I can suddenly crochet but I am going to make the most of it just in case in two weeks I go back to being hopeless.


Crochet Doily

2. Discovered where furry wild animals go to die.

In my tomato beds.

3. Made the decision to try my hand at a full sized quilt.

When I say quilt I don't mean a full patchworked design, I am not quite ready for that but I am ready to try the Avalon pattern from Kathy Doughty & Sarah Fielke's book Material Obsession.


Material obsession book cover


4. Went to the Craft & Quilt Fair in Darling Harbour, Sydney.

Lot's of stalls full of lovely fabrics. I had a great day fondling fabrics and totting up the prices on my wish list. I also bought some fabrics for my project 'full sized quilt'.

Sewing isn't going to be a cheap hobby.


5. Went whale watching.

We borrowed a dinghy and ducked off Manly beach to admire the whales. The ocean was flat, the whales obliging and the rain stayed away. A perfect Sunday outing.


Pacific Ocean


How cushtie is my life? – gotta love it.