Moda fabrics - What will you create?


Techie gadgets have never held any real appeal for me and the 'techie gadget chat' even less so.

I don't know what the latest Iphone is about and probably never will. It's not that I am a techno phobe, I am just very selective with my knowledge base.

Today I discovered something of techie interest which I think could prove useful on a number of levels – the Moda Fabrics Fabric Matcher.

Basically it's a search engine that does what it says, it finds Moda fabrics for you. It's real value however, comes from the 3 ways it can do this.

Browse Fabrics offers the usual search functions i.e. search by designer, theme or collection which is the standard search function you get on fabric stores. Great if you have loads of time on your hands but not so great when you want something specific.

Moda Browse fabrics screenshot

Colour Matcher -  is the next step up, it allows you to pick a colour on their colour chart and it will track down all the Moda fabrics containing that particular colour code. This is cool and really useful when you know what colours you want to use for a project.

(I think Photoshop uses the same colour pallette function).


Moda colour matcher screenshot


Lastly, they offer Image Matcher. This function allows you to upload a photo e.g. your favourite jumper and Moda Fabrics Fabric Matcher will pick out all the colours on the photo, offer them up for selection and then find all the Moda fabrics matching those colours.

Now that is really cool!

Moda Fabrics image matcher screenshot

The selected image above is of the pillow I finished last week (pattern from 'I Love Crochet') as you can see I was given over 10 pages of Moda fabrics for just one of the colours that Moda Fabrics Fabric Matcher selected which is fantastic, it saves a lot of time and could give you some ideas you didn't have before..

I don't know how often I will actually use this gadget/widget/?? but I do know that I will be bringing it up everytime the latest IPhone gets mentioned in my house.

Both topics of conversation should be dead and buried by the end of the week (hopefully).