Possum toy (Medium) Cockatoo toy(Medium)


Over the past few months I have been engaged in a battle of wits with my possums. They raid my veggie patch, I employ the latest distraction technique, they ignore it and raid again.

Possum likes to raid my veggie patches about once a week. This allows enough time for more greenery to grow, providing more snacks for their next raid but absolutely nothing for me to harvest.

Did I mention they are conniving little buggers?

When they aren't helping themselves to the Mizuna and Rocket in my veggie patches they are enjoying whatever I forgot to bring in from the balcony. I used to have two wonderful displays of Petunias.

ALL balcony plants go under lock and key at night.

Last week I discovered something new. Not only had Possum grazed on my crops in their usual methodical manner. They had actually pulled up some nasturtium plants, garlic and wrenched off some tomato branches, none of which they bothered to eat!!


I am not an expert on Possum but this deviation from the norm was a little suspicious even for these Teutonic chompers. But I didn't give it further thought. Instead I summoned up some despondent rage and sowed some more seeds.

I know that 'despondent rage' is an oxymoron but that's Possum for you.

MR Grumpy (Medium)



When I am in the garden I am usually accompanied by Kookaburra and Magpie. They are both invaluable.

Kookaburra watches out for airborne attack and Magpie checks for landmines.


Okay, so maybe not landmines, but he does spend alot of time tentatively tapping the lawn with his foot. I don't know the details of his reconnaissance mission but he is very thorough so I don't interfere.

It's usually a very happy co-existance. But the happy norm was shattered yesterday by the arrival of the local rabble;

The Cockies.


Kookaburra & cockatoos

The Cockies are a group of 20+ Sulphur Crested Cockatoos & one Galah who like to roughhouse in the early mornings and evenings.

They rarely come to my garden preferring my neighbours offerings of sunflower seeds. That suits me fine, as they will bat you round the head if you so much as give them the eye or worse hide food from them.

So there we were suddenly besieged with this rabble. Magpie made a hasty retreat and it was left to Kookaburra and I to deal with them.

In situations like this the best option is to flee. So I did, inside to get my camera. Why I don't know but I got some interesting snaps.

It seems that my despondent rage may have been misdirected.

hmm….Possum has an accomplice, Cockatoo.

cockatoo in garden

cockatoo in garden