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You may recall about a month ago I decided to write about some of my favourite blogs.

I started with the fabtastic fashionistas Brinja and Dotti's Dots.

I love their blogs; not only do they showcase their own great fashion sense but they also show off some amazing photography skills.

This week I will be showing you the vibrant world of Nina (Ninainvorm). If you love colour then this is the blog for you – it's full of life and although you can't hear it – there's laughter too.

Seriously you can't have colour without fun & laughter.

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Ninainvorm's blog showcases not only the beautiful home Nina has made for herself and her partner, but also the delightful screen prints and ceramics she makes.

Nina makes her own crockery, however it's her recycled work that I really enjoy – she adds her own designs to vintage/second hand crockery.

The result is a modern European fairy tale – It is so cleverly done, I didn't realise that is what she had done until a read her bio on her Etsy store – brilliant!

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Probably one of the reasons why I like Nina's work is because it reminds me of one of my favourite artists Bjørn Wiinblad who was a Danish painter and designer who often worked with ceramics and glass.

His designs also have a modern European fairytale feel to them.

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(Wiinblad Vase)

Beautiful designs aside, the other reason I like Nina's work and Ninainvorm is because her work and artistry feels achievable, it's within reach.

I don't wish to play down Nina's creative flair or talents (as they are exceptional) but I love Nina 's blog because I always leave it feeling like I might just be able to have some of that vibrancy in my own home.

All too often I leave blogs or design sites feeling a little jaded -  you just know that those effortless looking pieces of work or living rooms took a a team of creative geniuses or unlimited funds to create.


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Thanks to Nina and her blog Ninainvorm I have also discovered that Ikea have been producing a great little interior design magazine called Ikea Family Live. Nina is featured in the Swedish Autumn 2009 edition.

Ikea Family Live magazine features the homes of everyday folk who have sucessfully integrated Ikea products into their homes and lives. Not all countries appear to produce this magazine, Australia doesn't but most Northern European countries do.

I checked out a few countries and you don't need to be able to read the native tongue, just look out for the heading Ikea Family, it's usually located in the top banner. From there just press any of the big orange Family Live banners until you find the PDF magazine.

Or you could just follow these links;

Ikeanina1 Ikea Family LIVE_summer09_169x169 Ikea Family LIve magasine

Sweden Denmark Holland