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I love travelling, I love flying, I love in-flight entertainment!!

On a recent flight I had the chance to watch Julie & Julia with Meryl Steep & Amy Adams. In the film Julie Powel (Amy Adams) sets herself the task of cooking every recipes from Julia Childs 1961 cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Her time frame was one year.

Although it is mentioned numerous times in the film how lengthy this cook book is, it wasn't until yesterday when I had a chance to look through Mastering the Art of French Cooking, that I fully understood the enormity of Julie's task.

Seriously, this book contains over 700 pages of instruction!


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Watching the film Julie & Julia has made me realise that I could perhaps benefit from a little more structure in my sewing pursuits.


I have decided that I will attempt to complete TWO sewing projects per calendar month from the sewing magazine SEW HIP! UK starting in January 2010.

Sew Hip issue 3 (Medium)

Originally I thought I should try 1 sewing project per week but luckily I remembered that I am a true lazy-productive/productive lazy.

For those of you unfamiliar with Sew Hip! UK – it's a sewing magazine that was launched in October 2008. I only cottoned onto this magazine in April but I have diligently harrassed my local newsagent for issues ever since.

I have managed to get hold of issue 3 through to issue 10.

Sew hip issue 7 (Medium)

To reinforce my 2010 goal I have chosen 22 projects. I will add a further two at a later stage and possibly change one or two if I find some more appealing projects in later issues.

To widen my sewing skills I have chosen a few projects I wouldn't normally try and children's clothes.

So here is a rough schedule for my 2010 SEW HIP! UK Challenge


Issue 3 -     Joli Cube Bag (pg 30)

Issue 3 –     Henrietta Hippo (pg 49)



Issue 3 –     Vintage Holdall (pg 69)

Issue 5 –     Strips & Bricks Quilt (pg 82)



Issue 6 -    Hexagonal Table Runner (pg 6)

Issue 3 –    Rustic Throw (pg 12)



Issue 5 –     Rudi Raccoon (pg 95)

Issue 10 –   Patience Quilt (pg 12)



Issue 6 –     Popover Sundress (pg 6)

Issue 9 –     Rail Fence Runner (pg 100)



Issue 7 –     Mobeius Wrap (pg 6)

Issue 4 –     Spiderweb Quilt (pg 58)



Issue 7 –     Scrappy Cushion (pg 26)

Issue 4 –     Honeycomb Cushion (pg 40)



Issue 7 –     Pyjama Bottoms (pg 62)

Issue 7 –     Scrappy Quilt (pg 58)



Issue 9 –     Wise Owls (pg 62)

Issue 8 –     Cot Quilt (pg 37)



Issue 9 –     Shoulder Bag (pg 132)

Issue 6 –     Freshly Squeezed Charm Quilt (pg 32)



Issue 9 –     Swing Dress (pg 8)



Issue 7 –     Truely, Madly, Deeply Shirt (pg 40)



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  1. Hello, good luck with your Sew Hip challenge. But before you tackle the Hexagonal table runner, take a quick look at the Sew Hip flickr group, because I discovered errors in the pattern instructions, and posted some suggestions in the Flick group pool discussion. See[email protected]. Other errata are posted there too. Hope this helps, or at least saves you some time!

  2. Hi Kay,
    Your table runner looks great!!! The colours in your runner are exactly the ones I have chosen for mine. I can’t wait to do mine now.
    Thank you for the heads up about the instructions – any help is gratefully received!!

  3. I have been trying everywhere to find the pattern, or the Sew Hip magazine from 2010. Can you please let me know if you know where I can get this pattern. I live in Ontario, Canada. Many thanks.

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