SEW Hip! Joli Cube Bag


The SEW Hip! Joli Cube bag has been completed. I am actually rather pleased with the end result; it is indeed a Joli little cube bag.

As it turns out, assembling the SEW Hip! Joli cube bag is far easier than reading the instructions.

I mentioned in "SEW Hip! Joli Cube Bag..the prequel" that the instructions were a little off the mark (1/4 inch does not equal 1 cm).

So I tried to come up with all the measurements that I needed along with some badly drawn diagrams. Armed with my new set of instructions I set about (yesterday) making my Joli cube bag.

Miraculously I only hit on 2 problems (both my own fault).

sewing problems

ignored own measurements


Firstly, I completely ignored my own measurements for the lining and proceeded to cut it to match the outside bag fabric. As the SEW Hip! diagram and indeed my own badly drawn diagram shows; I should have included the measurements of the border as well (doh!)

A bit annoying but I worked around it. My border is thinner than it should be and now wraps over into the inside of the bag but I spared myself the tedious task of having to cut more fabric & batting.

SEW Hip! Joli Cube Bag - border thinner

altering handles

Of course altering the border & lining meant changing the way I fitted the handles…problem 2….hmmm.

Well after some tea, chocolate and much mulling over I came up with;

Coils & Hoops!!


coils & hoops


fabric hoops & pillow cord


The hoops are pretty self explanatory – as I couldn’t sew the pillow cords (handles) in between the outside fabric & lining, I made some fabric hoops that I attached to the side panels. The pillow cord is then threaded through the hoops (side panel to side panel) and tied in the middle.

The coils require a bit more explanation; The SEW Hip! Joli Cube Bag instructions actually require you to cover your pillow cord handles with a matching fabric. The pillow cord is pretty, so I didn’t.

The brown embroidery floss coils around the ends of the pillow cords are to hide the gaffer tape I used to stop them fraying.

But enough of my bumblings….here is the Joli Cube Bag!!

ClicK SEW Hip! Joli Cube Bag for fabric info

SEW Hip! Joli Cube Bag SEW Hip! Joli Cube Bag

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