Joli Cube Bag - Sew Hip! issue 3

After going a few rounds with Henrietta the Hippo earlier this week I decided last night to read the instructions for my next project (the Joli Cube Bag, issue 3) BEFORE I start it on Monday.

Well I wish I hadn't. Instead of being filled with marvel and quiet confidence, I was left bewildered and just a little bit peeved.

It is of course entirely my own fault.

Last year I set myself the challenge of completing 2 sewing projects per month from the magazine SEW Hip! To help bolster my conviction I selected some SEW Hip! projects and posted their titles online (for all to see).

The selection process went something like this…"ooo pretty, I will do that one. ooo pretty, I will do that one" etc.

I use this process for selecting all manner of things e.g. haircuts, Dutch retro bikes and exercise equipment. I have a Concept 2 Rower for sale if anyone fancies it. Hardly been used.

Concept 2 Rower

Anyway, I actually read the SEW Hip! oli Cube Bag instructions and found the bag to be a little less than Joli. To try and add some joie de vivre back into the project I have spent the morning devising a recovery plan & a new set of instructions.

The recovery plan involves cups of tea and chocolate. The new set of instructions involve badly drawn cube bags with badly calculated measurements. Hopefully this should get me to Step 6 in the Joli Cube Bag instructions with minimal fuss; I will worry about attaching the handles next week.

instructional steps - joli cube bag
If you fancy having a go at the Joli Cube Bag (issue 3) great, just be aware that none of the instructional steps, materials or cutting lists provide you with the measurements for the side panels or border.

I have gone with the theory that the side panels measure the same as the front/bottom/back panels and I have decided to cut my border 6.5" x 42" hopefully leaving me with a 3" wide border all around the bag once attached. I could be wrong.

Joli Cube Bag instructions

Also, there is supposed to be a pocket and fabric covered cardboard base. This doesn't get mentioned until the time you are supposed to add them in. I won't be doing these.

Till next week……

Joli Cube Bag - SEW Hip!

Joli Cube Bag - SEW Hip!