SEW Hip!2010 Challenge

With the first of February's SEW Hip! 2010 Challenges (Strips & bricks Quilt, issue 5) out of the way it's time to have a look at this month's second offering the;

SEW Hip! Vintage Cloth Hodall (issue 3, pg 68).

I chose this project because I relished the idea of finding a gorgeous piece of 'vintage/'retro' curtain to transform into my very own SEW Hip! Vintage Holdall.

Retro fabulousness

I still relish that idea, I am also still searching for this elusive piece of retro fabulousness.

As I would really like to do this project properly I am going to reschedule the SEW Hip! Vintage Cloth Holdall until March.

Instead I am going to reach into March's project pool and make the SEW Hip! Hexagonal table runner.

REd, Blue, White Hexagons


The Hexagonal table runner featured in SEW Hip! is stunning, it's made up of red, blue, white & grey hexagons against natural linen. It really is beautiful. However, I would like to try a different colour scheme.

I originally wanted to use citrus colours for a modern fresh feel but I decided against it when I realised that my last 3 SEW Hip! projects all have that lemony-lime goodness to them.

With Easter looming on the horizon, I thought I might try and make my SEW Hip! Hexagonal table runner match my Easter decorations.


Fabrics - Easter

Finding some fabrics to match my Easter decorations proved surprisingly easy. I wish I could say the same for the linen.

I have never actually bought linen from Europe or the USA but I can't escape the feeling that prices are a little on the steep side here in Australia; so I am going to try Natural Osnaburgh Lin-N.

I don't know what the difference is between this stuff and the other 'expensive' linens I looked at but as this is cheap as chips…

Go the Osnaburgh!!