SEW Hip! Rustic Throw - issue 3

My SEW Hip! Rustic Throw (issue 3) is now completed….but it's nothing like the one I had envisioned a week ago. I really wanted a beautiful floral display of pinks, purples and greens.

My "Rustic Throw" has the odd flower strewn across it but it's no tulip field. It isn't even in the colours I wanted or like. It's weird – I have no idea what happened.

I went to Spotlight as intended and I looked at lovely floral fabrics, but for some reason I picked up this blue/orange medley that is now my SEW Hip! Rustic Throw.

I wonder what it means?

I imagine Colour Therapists might say that I need to look at my creative output and how I communicate them or something to that effect .. but I can't help think it's about something much simpler.

Blue & Orange fabric medley

I miss Butterscotch Angel Delight!!


Angel Delight!

How uncanny is that? My SEW Hip!Rustic Throw has all the same colours as the Butterscotch Angel Delight packaging. I need to ship in some Angel Delight…

Making the SEW Hip! Rustic Throw was as easy as I had predicted in my last post. I said it would take one day to make and it would have it I hadn't decided to deviate from the instructions.

Instead it took me one day to sew all my strips of fabric and to pin the top, fleece and bottom pieces together and it took another day to add the binding.

Sewn Strips of fabric


Fleece & fabric

The SEW Hip! Rustic Throw doesn't actually ask you to add binding that was my decision (deviation no. 1). The instructions actually ask you to make the backing piece larger than the top piece so that you can fold the excess fabric over creating a natural binding effect..

I decided to take the harder option of making my own binding because I didn't think that my second-hand backing material matched or complimented the top in colour. I thought it would ruin my Butterscotch medley.


secong-hand backing material

I also deviated in a few other areas. Not only did I change the binding method, I also made my Rustic Throw larger (207cm x 207cm) and I used one fabric less than instructed.

I have a limited budget for each of my 2010 SEW Hip! Challenge so I have to be smart. I calculated that by using a second hand flat sheet for the backing and only buying 3 new fabrics I would almost halve my project cost.

So that is what I did.

SE Hip! 2010 Challenge

I also saved some money by using an old fleece blanket I found at the back of my cupboard. I think it was bought to provide extra warmth on camping trips. Now it will help to provide extra warmth on my bed in winter.

Anyway here is my not so very rustic SEW Hip! Rustic Throw…my Butterscotch Angel Delight

Butterscotch Angel Delight


SEW Hip! Rustic Throw

Please click SEW Hip! Rustic Throw for more fabric info.

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  1. Looks great! I love the colours you used. Are you still getting copies of the magazine? this month’s edition just arrived with me, and it looks good – there are two things I’ve added to my to-sew list. Although I’m still on the knitting at present! x

  2. Thank you! The colours aren’t my usual cup of tea but they are growing on me.
    My newsagent is a bit behind with Sew Hip!issues, I only got Issue 12 at the beginning of Feb.
    I can’t wait to see your next sewing projects!

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