SEw Hip! 2010 Challange


SEW Hip! Rudi the Raccoon (issue 5) has been completed and I only have 18 SEW Hip! 2010 Challenges left to do!!

I think I might treat myself to some new fabric.

I know I have said on a number of occasions that I have a limited budget for each of my SEW Hip! 2010 Challenges and that I am not going to buy new fabrics every fortnight, but I really need some more fabrics.

According to Sew Hip! Rudi the Raccoon I have a very small collection of fabrics and an even smalller selection of colours. He is right.


colour wheel - fabrics

You might be wondering how Rudi the Raccoon brought this fabric constraint to my attention. Well.. this SEW Hip! soft toy needs atleast 9 different fabrics to look awesome.

Awesomeness is really hard to achieve without a full spectrum of colours to play with. I spent a whole day just trying to find suitable fabrics for my SEW Hip! Rudi the Raccoon;

I am not saying I gave up but I did settled in the end for 5 fabrics only. I decided that as I wouldn't be able to achieve awesome that I would go with the next best thing 'first timer fantastic'.

My online dictionary defines 'fantastic' as strange, different; imaginary.

For a first timer – that will do nicely.


first timer fantastic SEW Hip! Rudi

Choosing fabrics for my Sew Hip! Rudi Raccoon was a disheartening experience but luckily the rest of the project went well (thanks to well written instructions).

I did however waste an hour trying to work out how to set my Husky Star E10 to the required stitch (I have a Dutch manual) and I still can't work out how to make the stitch thinner but in the grand scheme of things that is a minor blip especially as I can now do a satin stitch on my sewing machine!!


Huskystar E10Satin stitch - Huskystar E10

I can't claim that my satin stitch is great but I think for a first attempt it's pretty good. I think I can add another fat quarter to my shopping list just for that alone.

Perhaps SEW Hip! will publish another project that will help refine my satin stitch skills.


Satin Stitch Skills

In the meantime as Rudi & Henrietta the Hippo have served their purpose I will prepare myself for my next SEW Hip! 2010 Challenge

Here is my 'First Timer Fantastic' SEW Hip! Rudi the Raccoon..

First Timer Fantastic Rudi the Raccoon

SEw Hip! Rudi the Raccoon

Click SEW Hip! Rudi the Raccoon for more fabric info.

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  1. seriously now i thought that the hippo was good but the cheeky little raccoon tops it
    Xmas pressies ahoy
    ( oh can you do arron jumpers, you know the ones that look like it has been on a fisherman for the last 40 years pleaseeeeeeeeee )
    Lil bro

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