SEW Hip! Vintage Cloth Holdall

SEW Hip! Vintage Cloth Holdall
(issue 3) was originally scheduled to be done in February but due to a lack of fabulous retro second hand curtains in my area I postponed this bag to a later date.

That 'later date' came and went as did numerous visits to charity shops. There simply isn't any fabulous cheap second hand curtains left in NSW. So to get this 2010 SEW Hip! Challenge done I opted to buy some fabric instead.

Annoyed?…a little bit.

Cheap second hand curtain

The SEW Hip! Vintage Cloth Holdall luckily turned out to be easier to make than it was to source despite it's difficulty rating of intermediate. I know, how can such a simple looking bag have an intermediate difficulty rating?

I have a theory on this…The SEW Hip! Vintage Cloth Holdall is ranked intermdiate because……this lovely simple bag has some equally simple instructions and illustrations.

Sewing 101 – to be successful with simple instructions you need to have prior sewing or bag-making experience or your bag lining will end up on the outside of the bag.

Bag making

I have both prior sewing and bag making experience but I still managed to mess up the lining!

Despite following the SEW Hip! instructions to the letter I now have an outside pocket on the inside of my Vintage Cloth Holdall…

To add injury to insult I also struggled to work out how I was meant to stitch the straps together, so I made it up.


Bag Lining


To avoid having your lining on the outside of your bag, I recommend using safety pins to temporarily fasten the two shells together. That way you will be able to turn it right side out and check that everything is where it should be before sewing it together (something I should have done).


If you can't stitch the straps together "from inside out through the opening on the inside" sew them the easiest way you can think and live with it.

Cutting List

The cutting list instructs you to cut 2 pieces of pattern no. 1 (side & bottom panel) that's is incorrect you need to cut 4.

SEW Hip! Vintage Cloth Holdall - stitching

Aside from the little mishap with the lining and the decision to go it my way on the straps, I don't really have much more to say about the SEW Hip! Vintage Cloth Holdall so..

here it is… my SEW Hip! Vintage Cloth Holdall.

Click SEW Hip! Vintage Cloth Holdall for fabric info

SEW Hip! Vintage Cloth Holdall

2 Comments on SEW Hip! Vintage Cloth Holdall…Completed!

  1. Nice work. Issue 3 is missing from my collection, so I’ll never be able to tackle that bag. BTW I found a UK supplier of Moda Verna, and am planning on using that for a quilt, since I admired yours so much.
    Are you still buying Sew Hip issues? Just wondering which issue is in Australia now? I just got my copy of issue 16 here.

  2. Hey there,
    I am still buying Sew Hip but we are atleast two issues behind. I discovered the other day that the reason for this was that my newsagent/distributor ships them in rather than flying them in. IT keeps the cost down by about $12 which is great but it can get a bit frustrating waiting for customs to clear the shipment!

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