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SEW Hip! Moebius Wrap (issue 7) has been made…and re-fashioned into tablemats. The 2010 SEW Hip! Challenge certainly is moving me into new territories.

During this SEW Hip! project I was introduced to the Jelly Roll. For the uninitiated the Jelly Roll consists of 40 strips of fabric (2.5" x 44") that has been lovingly rolled into an expensive bundle of joy.

Most Jelly Rolls consist of fabrics from one designer range e.g. Verna by Kate Spain a range I used in my SEW Hip! Patience Corner Quilt.


Jelly roll
I actually picked up my jelly roll at a local craft show and in colours I wouldn't normally choose. I think the price tag had something to do with it and the funky flowers print.

It wasn't until I got home and unravelled my Jelly Roll joy that I realised that although the fabric was funky, the colours were not my colours; I tend to suit muted colours rather than brights.

In a true 'make do spirit' I put my post purchase misgivings aside and started to plan the making of my SEW Hip! Moebius Wrap.

SEw Hip! instructions

Planning took about 3 seconds as this SEW Hip! project is really easy.

Yes, I know that I have managed to make the odd mistake on 'easy' projects before but piecing the strips of fabric for the Moebius Wrap is as easy as the diagram above shows.

Summer wrap

This SEW Hip! project is really worthy of its beginners difficulty rating, none of the other 2010 SEW Hip Challenge projects that I have tried so far has been this easy.

If you fancy a new wrap for summer evenings I recommend doing this project.

Summer Wrap Table mats

If however, you don't actually have a need for a summer wrap or you don't like your choice of fabrics but have sewn all the strips together. I recommend you turn them into tablemats like I did.

Everyone needs tablemats.

Strips of fabric Moebius Wrap

To convert your nearly completed SEW Hip! Moebius Wrap simply unpick the strips so you end up with panels consisting of 4 strips of fabric (still sewn together).

I cut my new Moebius Wrap panels into 3" strips (width ways) so I ended up with one 3" strip of fabric that contained 4 different fabrics.


Osnaburgh panals

To complete my new SEW Hip! Moebius Wrap project, I used Osnaburgh (Linen Look/100% cotton) fabric to make the center strips and borders of the tablemats.


Center strips – 2'x9"

Side Border strips – 3" x 9"

Top & Bottom Border strips – 3" x 15.5"

Seam Allowance – 1/4"

Jelly roll strips - Osnaburgh

I used the same method of attaching the Osnaburgh strips as the one used in the SEW Hip! Moebius Wrap instructions which is great because it results in the Jelly Roll strips showing on both sides of the tablemat.

For binding I simply used some spare Jelly Roll strips.

To make the binding I cut the strips in half and ironed them so I could pop them onto the tablemats as is and sew both sides in place in one hit.

Almost as easy as making the SEW Hip! Moebius Wrap!

Fabric Binding

So here they are my SEW Hip Moebius Wrap tablemats….


Click SEW Hip! Moebius Wrap for fabric info.


SEW Hip! Moebius Wrap - tablemats

SEW Hip! Moebius Wrap - table mat

SEW Hip! Moebius Wrap - table mat


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