SEw Hip! Moebius Wrap

SEW Hip! Moebius Wrap (issue 7) is my next 2010 Sew Hip! Challenge.

What is a Moebius Wrap I hear you ask. Good question.

We used to have a poster at the back of my maths class with the Mobius Strip on it so I know it has some mathmatical significance attached to it but for the purpose of this post, it's a continuous piece of fabric with a twist in it.

jelly Roll - fat Quarter shop I didn't however choose this SEW Hip project to facilitate yet another trip down memory lane. I actually picked this sewing project because it recommends using a Jelly Roll.

  • A Jelly Roll (fabric) is a collection of 2.5" x 44" strips of fabric

I have never used a Jelly Roll and if I am honest it was only last year that I found out they even existed.

I was actually blissfully unaware of Jelly Rolls until I went window shopping on the online fabric store Fat Quarters. Now they seem to be everywhere taunting me – daring me to make a quilt using only Jelly Rolls.

Well I am a coward, there is no way I am ready to make a Jelly Roll Quilt so I making the SEW Hip! Moebius Wrap instead.

Bring it on mathmatical condundrum!!


2 Comments on SEW Hip! Moebius Wrap….the prequel

  1. I’ve had a great time reading about your Sew Hip Challenge, great idea!.
    Glad you chose the Moebius Wrap project – I’ll be following this one with particular interest. They are a bit addictive though, I keep seeing fabrics and thinking ….”I wonder what they would look like in Moebius Wrap….”. Also, even though I KNOW about (some of) the properties of the Moebius strip, I get amazed every time I make one and I’m finishing the edges and I end up at the same place I started…. Have fun with this one, lovely looking fabrics too.

  2. Hey there,
    …My SEW Hip! Challenge has been good for me, I am learning so much.
    I love you blog, if you don’t have any objections I would like to add it to my blog roll.

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