Crochet Motifs - beyond the square

Beyond the Square – Crochet Motifs
is my new favourite book.  It's bright, colourful and has 150 crochet motifs to try out; BUT more importantly each motif comes with it's own Japanese style pictogram!!

I love Japanese crochet pictograms, it's the only way I can crochet. I have tried the 'other' way but whenever I do I am struck down with Prose Malaise.

Prose Malaise is when whatever you read feels like jazz scat in your head (i.e. complete & utter nonsense).

Judging by the success of Ikea and the influx of Japanese craft books available online I am not the only sufferer. Down with wordy instructions and double down with Jazz!

Anyway back to woohooing….I am going to make a motif right now!


Beyond the square Crochet Motifs

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  1. So glad you like the book. I am a huge fan of crochet diagrams, as well!
    When you have a chance, check out *Around the Corner Crochet Borders*, which also has diagrams.

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