Sew Hip! Patchwork Cushion


The SEW Hip! Patchwork Cushion (issue 11) is my next 2010 SEW Hip! Challenge and it will be part of my living room make-over.

After a very long & hot summer I have decided that my living room could do with some much needed love. My living room looks as drained as I am. It needs a good injection of colour to pep it back up.

I am a huge fan of colour, especially in the home. I love the way it can stimulate you, calm you down, motivate you, sedate you which is why I am surprised that my current home is a little underwhelming in colour.

Orange dining room Apple guest bedroom


Once upon a time I had an orange dining room, an apple green guest bedroom, sunflower yellow bathroom and a hot pink living room and I loved it!

Now it's white walls, cream sofa and light-coloured candles.

I need colour!!

Hot pink living room Sunflower - bathroom


Interestingly as I write this I realise that many of the hotter nations around the world e.g. Mexico & Morroco, use bright colours in their decor.

I never really gave it much thought before but I now realise that colour is a logical and natural way to inject energy into those 365 hot draining days….

I need colour!