Crochet, Beyond the square motif 29,


Crochet motif of the day -  Beyond the Square ♥ Motif 29

Crochet, Beyond the square motif 29



Beyond the Square – Edie Eckman



4 Comments on Beyond the Square ♥ Crochet Motif 29

  1. your blog is sooo lovely!!! you visited mine yesterday. i wanted to thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment. it looks like i’ve found a new place to visit. are you new at the bloggy thing as well?

  2. Hey there Michele,
    I found your crochet work on Flickr and made my way to your lovely blog…
    I guess I am a blog newbie, I started my blog at the beginning of 2009 but it’s only in the past 6 months that I have made a concerted effort to maintain it 🙂
    How about you – how long have you been blogging?

  3. hi again sewing daisies!
    i started blogging on April 12th. it’s fun! it obviously has helped my output and definitely drives my creativity. I’m far more motivated but still ALLLL over the map with what exactly I want to be crafting. so basically it’s been a 2 month-long crafty exploration. like, what will Michele make today? and honestly, who knows… i just want to make stuff and see where the road takes me! 🙂

  4. Hey there,
    As I am new to all things ‘creative’ blogging included, I decided at the beginning of the year to concentrate on sewing & crochet. That way I guarantee actually coming out with something at the end of the year 🙂
    I love your foam flowers – great way to recycle and have fun with kids!

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