Vivid Dreams Blanket
The Vivid Dreams Blanket is my first proper crochet project; I started it a few weeks back and I am still at it but…

I thought I would show off the new colour schemes I have been experimenting with.

Vivid Dreams Blanket
Vivid Dreams Blanket

The Vivid Dreams Blanket is broken down into granny squares as follows;

Square A: (make 4, 30cm wide)

Square B: (make 14, 20cm wide)

Sqaure C: (make 24, 15cm wide)

Square D: (make 53, 10cm wide)

Square E: (104, 5 cm wide)

Quite a sizable project you’ll agree?


Vivid Dreams Blanket

Well, I am pleased to say I only have 92 granny squares left to do (the smaller ones)…



Crochet: Vivid Dreams Blanket


8 Comments on Crochet: Vivid Dreams Blanket Part 2…

  1. Hey there Maria,
    Thank you for posting a comment!
    The yarn (Panda Magnum ) & colours are the same ones used in Better Homes & Gardens (June Issue ). They looked so fantastic I had to have the same 🙂
    I love you husbands “socks”- keen golfer is he?

  2. You are going to have a wonderful blanket when you are finished. I made up one of their knitted versions from a few years ago and cushions to match. Great for the weather we are having at present.

  3. Hey Sharon,
    Thank you for stopping by!!
    …the weather is definately spurring me on – I can’t wait to finish. I will have something to snuggle under when I make up the next project..I like your idea about cushions..

  4. wow heidi! im loving this blanket you’re making! it’s so vivid and lively. can’t wait to see the end result!

  5. ..aren’t the colours great?! I think some of the colour combinations go against traditional design teachings but I think it will work once they are all together 🙂
    I noticed you are working on yet another project – how do you find the time not to mention creative juices to knock out some many great things all the time?

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