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The Vivid Dreams Blanket is my new 'evening' project.

Winter has well and truly arrived in Australia which means that I have lost a chunk of the natural light I like to sew in.

But, less sewing means more of something else.

For the past year or two I have tinkered with crochet i.e. made cute little doilies from cute little Japanese books but I have never made anything substantial.

Well this winter I plan to make something substantial thanks to Better Homes & Gardens (June 2010)



vivid dreams blanket


In the June 2010 edition of Better Homes & Gardens they went all out on the Crochet.

They showcased cushions, blankets and wearable art. I am a sucker for cushions and blankets anyway but they really won me over with their use of VIBRANT colours!

I love colour!!

In fact, Better Homes & Gardens produced such a visual feast that I got on the net straight away and ordered the required Panda Magnum 8 Ply.

Two days later I got stuck into making my Vivid Dreams Blanket.


panda magnum, vivid dreams


I would love to be able to say that I have finished making my blanket but this is quite a sizable project. The Vivid Dreams Blanket is broken down into granny squares as follows;

Square A: (make 4)

Square B: (make 14)

Sqaure C: (make 24)

Square D: (make 53)

Square E: (104)

In the 4  weeks since getting my Panda Magnum I have only made x4 (A), x24 (C) and x65 (E) so I still have a fair way to go.



granny squares, panda magnum

If you are wondering about the written instructions – I have no idea how good they are. I can't work from written patterns so I am working from the magazine photo…and I am using a 4.00mm not a 4.5mm hook.

I like to keep things interesting.





Beyond the Square – Edie Eckman


21 Comments on Crochet: Vivid Dreams Blanket

  1. Hey there Virginia!
    …The “Better Homes & Gardens” blanket is gorgeous, if I can get mine to look half as good as theirs I will be over the moon!
    I was checking out the Daisy Wheel & Primrose potholders you have posted on your blog; they are fantastic and are now on my do to list!

  2. Thanks! I am currently working on an embroidery project – stitching up a little teapot! I should be posting some pictures soon.

  3. Have you been to Attic24? That’s another crochet blog, with fantastic use of colour. Looking forward to seeing your finished blanket. The world of crochet is still a mystery to me.

  4. Hey there Kay!
    I love Attic24 – Lucy really makes some beautiful blankets…I would love to be able to knockout blankets the rate she does them and choose such wonderful colours.
    Crochet may be a mystery to you BUT you can knit!!

  5. Hi i love this project. I can’t find the pattern anywhere online is there any way that you could put the pattern up? Thanks so much

  6. Hi Lisa…thank you for stopping by 🙂
    I should have the pattern details somewhere so I email them to you next week…
    Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  7. Hi, I love this pattern too! Could you email it to me? I can’t find it in the US.

  8. Hi there
    I love the colours you have used for this blanket. I have been crocheting this all winter last year, but I had to put it aside when a bit of a crisis struck the family. I am keen to get going again now – I have a big pile of various size squares, half a blanket and have discovered that the pattern is lost! If you still happen to have the pattern from the back of the magazine showing how to stitch it all together I’d be so grateful if you could email. The half I have done so far is such a beautiful warm blanket and I am desperate to finish putting it together. Thank you so much.

  9. Hello,
    I’ve been looking for this pattern everywhere and I was told the magazine isn’t sold in the USA. I have tons and tons of yarn up to my eyeballs. This would be a fantastic blanket to crochet for all of my grandkids. If you don’t mind and still have the pattern, could you please email it to me. I’ll be so grateful. Thank you!!!

  10. I’ve looked everywhere for the vivid dreams pattern and I cannot find it anywhere and I was hoping that you could send me a copy of the pattern I would greatly appreciate it thank you .

  11. Hi, I love your vivid crocheted blanket, I love it and I know my Grand daughter would love it! I will show her when I get a visit time!!! It would make a cool summer project for the two of us to do together!!
    Is it possible to get a copy of the pattern
    Thank you so much, you do lovely work!!! I wish I was a blogger so I could be involved in your exchange!
    Take care and I look forward to reading more of your blog!
    Linda at [email protected]

  12. Hi, I love the vivid dreams blanket. I began making it last year however lost the pattern when I moved house. If someone has the pattern I would be so grateful if they could give it to me. Regards cassandra

  13. Heidi, Thank you so much for your response and the pattern! You do beautiful artwork: keep it up and Thank You for sharing it! Your blog with all its colorful talented photos is VERY inspiring!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Wow fantastic! I’m in the UK, just started crocheting but loving it. Would you be able to email me the pattern? Your looks so amazing. Well done!

  15. I love this pattern. I started this when that issue came out, so a long long time ago. Just picking it up now. I’ve got a few squares done but i’ve now moved and can’t find the old magazine anywhere. Do you still have it? I’d be super super grateful. ????

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