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It's Party Time!

At the beginning of the week (during one of my Flickr Fests) I discovered that Yarny Inspirations & Meet Me At Mikes had both included one of my crochet photos on their blogs – this made me very excited.

In fact it made me so excited that I decided to take a leaf out of their books and spread some love myself…

My 'Love' is going to be called Flickr Fest Best.

Flickr Fest Best will go out weekly and showcase some of the wonderful things I come across during my daily Flickr Fests.

This is what I loved this week…



4707007773_1389a7b276 (Medium)

Flickr Fest Best: Ziripiti

I think sew 1 no 125 shoes
Flicker Fest Best: I think sew 1

Michele made me foot stool

Flickr Fest Best: Michele Made Me


Stitchin sista bag
Flickr Fest Best: Stitchin Sista

4727139071_78098a8815 (Medium)


Flickr Fest Best: virginia-blue




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  1. …gorgeous work deserves a shout out – your cushion is so cute!
    Hey thank you for posting about the iphone photo app the other day. I had so much fun with it at the weekend…now I just have to get an iphone of my own to play with 😉

  2. i must say i did a double-take when I saw that photo of mine up there on your blog! i was pleased as punch! thank you so much, heidi! this is the first time anyone in blog-land (other than my sister) has acknowledged my work. it is a very nice feeling! 🙂

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