balloons My 2010 SEW Hip! Challenge is 6 months old!

Yep that's right we are halfway through the year which means winter has finally arrived "down under".

Winter for me is a time for reflection so I thought I would take the opportunity to step back and have a look at what I have (or have not) achieved with my SEW Hip! 2010 Sewing Challenge.


Cerise_balloonM (Medium)

Phew…it's not as bad as I thought…

In fact the past 6 months of the 2010 SEW Hip! Challenge has been good to me. I have completed 12 SEW Hip! projects, two ahead of schedule and that's just the beginning!

To date I have learnt to;

♥ make my own fabric covered buttons

♥ make tablerunners with hexagonal fabric pieces and Rail Fence blocks

♥ use the 'leafy' & satin stitch on my sewing machine

♥ adapt patterns to suit my tastes

♥ use 'straight line' quilting (with various degrees of success)

Also… SEW Hip! placed two of my projects in their Reader's Gallery (SEW Hip! – Thank You very much!!!).


Orange_0020_Balloon (Medium)

Of course sewing isn't the only thing I have improved on…

Since taking up the challenge of making two SEW Hip! projects per month I have learnt about;

♥ Search Engine Optimisation

♥ Macro photography (using a point & shoot camera)

♥ Blogging

Even Flickr has served up some valuable lessons.


Cerise_balloonM (Medium)

I ♥ Flickr!!…

Where else do you get access to so many wonderful pieces of work and stunning photography?

Flickr is, or rather the people who use Flickr & it's groups are also really encouraging.  Everyone loves to comment on your work and share information with you. Since joining in April, I have discovered so many great sites, blogs and people.

Sewing Daisies can be found on


BAL91223310 - Smiley Face Balloon (Medium)


Now that's all of the good stuff out of the way. What haven't I achieved yet?

♥ Free Motion Quilting

♥ Clothes making


Woohoo!! No need to panic (yet) – I have another 6 months to get full marks.



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