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SEW Hip! Scrappy Cushion (issue 7) is completed and it was super easy!

In fact it was so easy that I have very little to say about so instead of making stuff up I am just going to overload you with photos of gorgeous fabrics!

Get ready….feast your eyes on this lot..

fabric seams fabric offcuts

fabric edges fabric seams

Okay I do have a couple of little things to say about the SEW Hip! Scrappy Cushion.

In my last blog post about this project I mentioned that I would be using the leftover fabrics from the SEW Hip! Strips & Bricks Quilt I made a few months ago.

This I did.


sewing machine foot, top stitch

What I didn't do however was include all of the neutral fabrics that I used in the Strips & Bricks.

The reason for this ?

I completely forgot about them until after I had cut and pieced all the 9 blocks together. I did however remember to add a bit of the Guterman Topstitch thread to the cushion though – so not all is lost!


fabric squares

Did I mention this project is super easy…therefore I have nothing much to say about it…that is apart from it measures a whopping 30" square!


….Here is my version of SEW Hip! Scrappy Cushion (with the Strips & bricks Quilt)

Scrappy cushion, sew hip


SEW Hip! Strips & Bricks – Fabric for fabric info.

SEW Hip! Strips & Bricks Quilt

2010 SEW Hip! Challenge

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  1. I think you’ll have to be very Patient. I haven’t sewn a single block yet, even though I cut out all the squares! Socks are going a bit faster – first one will be finished very soon.

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