vintage spools of thread

The Collectables, Vintage & Antique Fair at the Grey Hounds Function Center (Sydney) is held every 1st Sunday of the month;

I actually managed to get there last month for the first time since moving to Sydney (7 years ago)…

What a great little fair!

It might be small but it's jampacked with all kinds of things from Smurfs, Dutch Art Deco tea cups (really nice) and sewing notions…

1960s sewing pattern  

Yep! That's right…lots of wonderful notions & haberdashy items.

I didn't actually spot them first off because I was so overawed by all of the other lovely nic nacs available, but on my second trip around I realised that there were in fact a number of stalls dedicated to sewing, knitting & crochet.

vintage spools of thread

All of these stalls had so much to offer, I found some unused 1970's sheets still in their original packaging, millions of buttons, needles, hooks and spools of thread.

Did I mention patterns?

Luckily (for my husband) I came with a near empty purse; a practice I have adopted to safeguard our house from becoming an Aladdins Cave of dust collectors. 

(I really like nic nacs).

1960s sewing pattern

Anyway, with my near empty purse I only managed to get a couple of things to show off;

I bought two cute 1960's childrens sewing patterns (I liked the front covers), a 1970's crochet magazine and a collection of different sized spools of thread.

Next month I plan to sneak in some extra cash to see if I can't get my hands on the Smurfs & Dutch Art Deco tea cups…

shhh..don't tell the hubbie.


Collectables, Vintage & Antique Fair

Postal Magic…SMURFS


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  1. aren’t those wooden spools the coolest? i just just picked up a few at an estate sale. i don’t what i’m going to do with them but i’ll think of something someday…
    and i do that same thing! i leave the house with, like, 2 cents in my pocket, because if i don’t have any money with me, then i can’t spend any! i consider it good practice for when i’m old and poor. 🙂

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