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Flickr Fest Best this week took on a decidedly Elemental feel resulting in a trip into the realm of Gnomes & Nisser.

I don't recall consciously looking for all things Gnomey this week, but I can take a guess at why this weeks Flickr Fests journeyed this way, it's because;

I love Gnomes & Nisser!!

Of course this isn't news to people who know me; my love of Gnomes, Nisser and Smurfs (honorary Blue Gnomes) has been with me a long time. 

In fact they have been with me so long I can't remember a time when these lovely little characters haven't been entertaining me with their cheeky grins and cute button noses…I could go on but… 

I thought I would share my love of all things Gnomes & Nisser this way instead.



Flickr Fest Best: Nishale1



Flickr Fest Best: Tigersnö


super ninon

Flickr Fest Best: super ninon


Flickr Fest Best: maggieisafriendofmine

Gigi & Big Red

Flickr Fest Best: Gigi & Big Red



Flickr Fest Best: Nishale1


Beth's Bagz


Flickr Fest Best: Beth's Bagz

Elizabeth D

 Flickr Fest Best : ElizabethD

Flickr Fest Best:


Flickr Fest…Best (intro)