Meet Jacques!

He's my very own little Jackalope, isn't he adorable? 

I got him recently at the Finders Keepers Market (Carriageworks-Eveleigh) for the reasonable sum of $30.

Not much you'll agree for a pet that doesn't cost anything to feed or messes up your house. 


Of course Jackalopes aren't the only thing you can find at the Finders Keepers Market;

The market is a bi-annual event that shows off the works of new artists & designers from Australia & New Zealand so there's a good chance you will pick up something cool.

Starting this month (July) Finders Keepers will be having a market as part of CarriageWorks' Winterland Festival…


ice skating AND shoppingcount me in!!


Finders Keepers Markets 

Carriageworks (Winterland)


2 Comments on Jackaloping at the Finders Keepers Market…

  1. i’ve never heard of a jackalope before. is this a common mythical creature?… or is he the one and only?
    i’m so confused about the winter thing… is it actual winter down there? like with snow and everything? sorry, don’t get out much…

  2. …there are many Jackalopes out there, you just need to know where to look 😉
    I think I might dedicate this week’s Flickr Fest to finding Jackolopes.
    …snow? we do indeed, not much but enough to open a couple of teeny ski resorts for a few weeks each year.
    I don’t think many people know about the snow ‘down under’ until they visit here, I certainly didn’t!

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