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The SEW Hip! Coin Purse (issue 17) is all zipped up and ready to go!!





When I picked this project last week, I chose it in the hope that it would be fast & fun – it is.

In the space of a couple of hours I managed to knock out 3 of these little coin babies and I enjoyed every (little) step of the way.

Instead of going through the pattern (which is easy to follow) I thought I would give you a visual coin purse feast instead…



Picture 950 (Medium)    Picture 1029 (Medium)
Picture 966 (Medium)    Picture 939 (Medium)
Picture 930 (Medium)    Picture 986 (Medium)

    D Rings & fabric

Picture 987 (Medium)    Picture 989 (Medium)
Picture 967 (Medium)    Picture 969 (Medium)
Picture 1002 (Medium)    Picture 1001 (Medium)

   Aren't the coin purses cute??…

…they make the perfect stocking filler!


coin purses



2010 SEW Hip! Challenge

SEW Hip! Coin Purse – Fabrics


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  1. Thank you Viginia Blue & Michele for your lovely comments (& support)!
    …I definately think short projects are the way forward, although I have just seen ANOTHER great quilt pattern….

  2. Hey there Alice, thank you for stopping by!!
    …I am not sure what’s next, I have an extensive list of Sew Hip! projects to try out, but I am thinking something quick again might be good as I really enjoyed the instant gratification of the coin purses 😉

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