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SEW Hip! Coin Purse (issue 17) is my next 2010 SEW Hip!Challenge project.

Isn't it cute ?!

With any luck this should be a quick & easy project, I could really do with a break from the larger sewing projects…

…and this coin purse looks like the perfect antidote, it's small and I get to play with around with sewing in zips.

-5-0-68mm-Closed-End-Nylon-Zipper-0222-11- (Medium) 

Zips always look like they will be a hazzle to deal but with the right instructions they shouldn't be a bother at all, I hope…

…as I really could do with a new coin purse!



2010 SEW Hip! Challenge



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  1. So am I. I might follow you (when I get time) to make one for myself for those small evening bags I use about once a year that won’t fit in the normal purse.

  2. That coin purse is so cute! I would like the selecting fabric/color part, don’t know if I would be so good at sewing in that little zipper!

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