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SEW Hip! Summer Blocks Quilt (issue 17) is the 14th project to be completed from my 2010 SEW Hip! Challenge.

I have no idea how I got to the 14th SEW Hip! project so quickly as I should only be on my 12th project according to my diary…but this is where I am at (woohoo!).

This is also the 5th quilt/throw I have made since the beginning of the year (again woohoo!).

I know that for the professional quilter out there that this is nothing, and  that my quilts don't actually have that free-motion quilting thing going on but to me this is actually quite amazing.

Let's be honest, 6 months ago I didn't think I would complete one quilt let alone 5… AND… enjoy making them!

summer block fabrics

I wont' deny that I had some misgivings when I initially chose this project. There were so many things I didn't like about it, the featured colour scheme, the quilting and the all the cutting but for those of you out there still avoiding your first quilt I actually recommend trying the SEW Hip! Summer Block Quilt

You will get a great look for very little effort…trust me…I have made 5 quilts this year!!

Did I mention I am pretty chuffed with myself at the moment?

But seriously, the SEW Hip! Summer Block is really easy to make, all you need is a ruler or two, sharp scissors (or rotary cutter) and some great fabric.





summer block fabric

Sharp cutting tools and rulers are very important for this SEW Hip! project because the Summer Block Quilt is made up of 160 rectangles measuring 3.5" x 9.5"

Yep that's right 160…

Cutting isn't my forte, especially the straight line variety but my skills have improved significantly enough over the past 6 months that my cuttings actually look like rectangles now.

I also reckon that for this project I was about 98% right for sizing unlike the rectangles for my SEW Hip! Strips & Bricks Quilt…some of those cuttings were more rhomboid than rectangular despite using a ruler, a lined cutting mat, another ruler…

…as I have said, cutting really isn't my forte.


sew hip instructions

…but 160 Rectangles?!

I know 160 rectangles sounds a lot (and it is) but it is worth the effort. 

One way to reduce the cutting time and make your life easier is to invest in a rotary cutter & self healing cutting mat. They aren't cheap but they are worth the money as you will be able to cut through layers of fabric in one big hit. The mat also has measurements on it to help you cut the shape you want.

I think after the sewing machine, my rotary cutter & mat have been the best investments I have made all year. I don't think I would have lasted 6 weeks let alone 6 months on my 2010 SEW Hip! Challenge without them.



  sewing machine needle

The next stage in creating the SEW Hip! Summer Block Quilt involves piecing together the actual 'blocks' of the quilt. There are 53 of them in total that create the top layer of the quilt. I know it sounds and looks complicated but…

It's dead easy to do!…thanks to the design of the quilt and the clear SEW Hip! instructions. Just follow the diagrams and you will finish the top quilt layer in no time (without mistakes).

The rest of the quilt assembly is straight forward; sandwich your batting between the top & bottom layers of fabrics and quilt away.

quilting       quilting


 SEW Hip! used straight line quilting on their version of the Summer Block Quilt so I thought I would try some a litle different.

Free- motion quilting!!

Okay so my quilting technique isn't exactly the fairground 'Waltzer' kind of quilting that adorns most beautiful quilts but it is still free motion and I like it.

I just have to decide on a name for my 'freemo' , I was thinking…  "2am Kick out"..

binding & needle


All there is left to mention is that the finished size is …70" x 58".  Which is bigger than the SEW Hip! version?!

Anyway here it is…my version of the SEW Hip! Summer Block Quilt.


summer block quilt

summer block quilt


summer block quilt


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SEW Hip! Challenge – 6 months on

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12 Comments on SEW Hip! Summer Blocks Quilt….completed!

  1. wow heidi! it is so beautiful! i love the colour scheme! and your output for the year? i’m impressed over here. your free motion design is so unique. is it original?
    oh how i wish i had a ‘freemo’ of my own… oh well i guess i’ll just have to keep dreaming! but betty did do machine quilting for the very first time today as luck would have it (i’m blogging about that tomorrow)! so maybe it’s all good after all.

  2. Thanks Michele!!
    ….2am Kickout is the outcome of not wanting to do straight lines (again) and not being able to do the ‘curly wurly’…yet..(still working on that one).
    I can’t wait to hear about Betty’s machine quilting antics!

  3. Your quilt is beautiful and I really enjoyed your process pictures! I can so relate to the difficulty of cutting a straight line. I also have the self-healing mat, I like using it, the guidelines are really helpful, but I will have to look into getting a rotary cutter.

  4. Thanks Kim!
    …a rotary cutter makes life a lot easier if you have a lot of repetitive cutting so worth investing in – just be careful not to cut chunks out of your ruler like i have been, it really doesn’t help with the straight lines!

  5. Wow, it’s lovely. Much, much nicer than the magazine sample – I think it’s the gorgeous fabrics you chose – I particularly like the polka dots on the binding (obviously!)

  6. Thank you Kay!
    …I love the polka dot fabric too, I think I might make a little purse out of it later on this month…
    How is your quilt coming along?

  7. It’s coming along very slowly [sigh] I have actually pieced about half of the sixteen reformed blocks needed for the quilt top. If I get a chance to do some sewing this afternoon, I’m hoping to finish up the quilt top blocks and maybe even sew some of them together. Still a long way to go!

  8. Love your quilt – it looks good. I bought the fabric to make the quilt but it is still in a bag in my project box….I decided on a couple of plain fabrics and some lovely butterfly fabric…maybe I need to get it out soon.

  9. Just discovered your blog and I am soooo impressed with the quilts you have made. With this SEW Hip! Summer Blocks quilt – have you provided the pattern somewhere in your blog and I just haven’t found it yet? I would love to make one. I’m new to quilting, and still kinda scared of many things, but this looks like something I would definitely love to make. Can you tell me where the pattern could be located? Thanks – and again, LOVE your blog! dmj53(at)hotmail(dot)com

  10. would you mind emailing me some options on how to get a copy of the Summer Blocks Quilt pattern? I love the fabrics you used!

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