Vivid Dreams Blanket Granny Squares

The Vivid Dreams Blanket is finally completed.. .

So far this year I have made 5 quilts, 2 bags, 2 soft toys and some other odds & ends for my 2010 SEW Hip! Challenge none of which were this labour intensive.

Crocheting blankets is hard work!!!

There's a really good reason why all those crocheted blankets out there look so fantastic, they are all a labour of love!

Whip stitch whiip stitch


When I started this project in May I knew that it would take a while to complete. What I hadn't anticipated was how obsessed I would become with my latest crochet project.

I don't think there was a minute when I wasn't thinking about this blanket…

…how squares have I completed?

…how many more?

…are the colours right?

…will they fit together?

…have I chewed off more than I can bite?

I even dreamt about my Vivid Dreams Blanket a few times!!


Granny Squares

But thanks to all of the support & kind words from friends on Flickr I managed to hang in there (just).


So here it is, my version of the Better Homes & Gardens

Vivid Dreams Blanket


Vivid Dreams Blanket

Vivid Dreams Blanket






Crochet: Vivid Dreams Blanket

Crochet: Vivid Dreams Blanket pt 2

2010 SEW Hip! Challenge

2010 SEW Hip! Challenge – 6 months on



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  1. There you go, all done & looking so FABulous…
    Really if you only started in May I take my hat off to you… you have done a Great job… and finished still in time for winter…
    LOVE all you colours, colour combos & colour layout…
    Now you can lie on it as often as you want & feel all the LOVE you have stitched into it…

  2. Stunning! The bright colours work so well together…and you are so right about crocheting blankets being a labour of love…the end product makes it so worthwhile 🙂

  3. A gorgeous blanket that will keep you very warm. A fantastic job to get this finished in such a short time frame.

  4. It’s amazing, Heidi, so vibrant and cheery looking too. Your colours and layout look fabulous, even more lovely than the original. And I think 3 months is nothing to finish a full size blanket – you must be very quick with the hooks. Congratulations! x

  5. This is fantastic. Great colour choices and and that last photo is a stunner.
    Thanks for sharing.
    (who only discovered you recently)

  6. heidi that blanket is a thing of beauty!!! it turned out so well! and congratulations on a major, and stunning, finish!

  7. I am not sure how I came across your blog but after looking at some of your projects, I found the Vivid Dreams Blanket. It is beautiful. I am unable to find this pattern in the US Better Homes and Gradens mag. Would it be possible for you to e-mail this pattern or tell me how to purchase the pattern?
    Thank you so much.
    Linda Kay

  8. Hi Linda,
    Thank your for stopping by and checking out Sewing Daisies.
    Getting you a copy of the pattern isn’t a problem. I will send you one now (pdf).
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Hi. This is an amazing quilt. You’ve inspired me to try one myself.I’m sure it will take rather longer than 3 months to complete though 🙂

  10. I think you will be pleasantly surprise at how easy these squares are to complete once you have a few out of the way….I can’t wait to see your work!

  11. Hi! I’m so in awe of this project. It’s perfect!! I’m taking a crochet class and would love a copy of the pattern for my first big project. I also tried to find it in the US Better Homes & Gardens like others did and was sad it wasn’t there. 🙂

  12. This is amazing! Such cheery colors, and your photos are taken in such nice bright light!
    I would also be interested in the pattern, unless you can point me to where I can download it? It looks similar to the Babette blanket, but the pattern isn’t free. I am bad at following crochet patterns too, I am more interested in the dimensions of the different squares and how many of each to make, and assembly.
    What yarn did you use?
    Also, PS: the first link in “Related links” has an extra . at the end.

  13. Hi Heidi I have been searching and searching for the pattern for this beautiful afghan but can’t find it here in the USA. I would be willing to pay you for a pdf if perhaps you wouldn’t mind sending it to me. It is so beautiful!! I really hate to ask, but I have looked everywhere!!

  14. What a wonderful project and I think it may be just what I need to try next. I love the bright colors. I would love to have a copy of the pattern.
    You did a beautiful job. It is truly amazing.

  15. I’d love a pdf of the blanket pattern as well, pretty please??
    It’s a very gorgeous blanket. Reminds me of the Babette Blanket. Since I made my fiance the Babette, maybe I can make myself something similiar yet different.

  16. I’ve been sent over to your blog by Michele from “michele made me” because I have been making this very same blanket for over a year now but am close to finishing. Can’t believe you made it in just 3 months!! I mainly work on mine at night and have had breaks while working on other projects. Yours has turned out beautifully and it is inspiring to see the same blanket finished. Did it take long to sew together and what colour or colours did you use for the sewing together bit?

  17. Hey there Catherine, thank you for popping by.
    In answer to your question about sewing the squares together; I think it took about a week to finish up. (I was desperate to see the back of it by that time).
    To stitch them all together I used light beige (the same in the blanket), and whip stitch. I am sure there is a better stitch to use but that was all my frazzled brain could handle 😀
    If you have any further questions please feel free to email me – [email protected]

  18. So gorgeous! Now if I could just master the granny square…haha. I would love to have the pattern if possible.

  19. Wow, what a beautiful blanket, found your blog today and is totally in love with this blanket. Can not believe you manage to finish it in such a short time. Have added your blog to my favourites and will work my way through all the other lovely stuff. Do you mind sharing this pattern with me please? [email protected] Thanks.

  20. Just found your site this morning via a friend on facebook. I would love to have the pattern for the vivid dream blanket. It is so beautiful and I love granny squares. Thanks a bunch!

  21. Your afghan is absolutely beautiful. I haven’t crocheted in a while but would love to try this. Is there any way you could tell me where to get the instructions. Thank you.

  22. Beautiful blanket! I’ve been looking for something to crochet with my mom and we both love the look of this. Would you be able to email me the pattern? I’ve looked all over for it with no luck. Thank you so much and thank you for the inspiration.

  23. Dear Heidi,
    The blanket is simply amazing! Beautiful !!!!! Gorgeous!!!! First time I saw this photo in FB, someone posted it. Once I saw it I got literally obsessed with the idea. :))) I have got the yarn and started with those parts I can see on the picture . I was trying to find a photo of the whole blanket and looked all over for it with no luck. Maybe you could possibly e- mail me a pattern? I really want to complete it. E- mail: [email protected]
    Thank you so much and thank you for the inspiration!!!!

  24. Hi Heidi,
    I loved the blanket very much! Started to make my own. I am almost finished my squares. Looking for a chart to put them togather. If you have one or a link I can take a look at, could you please e mail me? [email protected]
    Thanks for your help in advance!

  25. L.O.V.E this blanket. Any chance you still have the pattern? Would love if you can email it to me. This is exactly what I need in my gueat room!!!!

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