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Flickr Fest Best
this week is all about Aqua…no not the Danish Pop group that tormented us with Barbie Girl, but the colour Aquamarine.

In it's simplest terms Aqua means blue, but I think we all know that there is more to it than that, especially when nature gets involved. For me…


it's that first crisp Spring morning bursting with

the promise of brighter days

ocean waters lapping my toes

and…the colour of my favourite gemstones


Aqua is

Love & Peace



Flickr Fest Best: Sugar Panda



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Flickr Fest Best: ittybittybirdy


Crowned Bird Drawer Scahet


Flickr Fest Best: Cheltastic



Xmas 2008


Flickr Fest Best: gooseflesh



Flickr Fest Best: LaceysGarden


Lotus Flower

Flickr Fest Best: Tanakawho


Keyring Lipcream holders


Flickr Fest Best: Made By BeaG

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Flickr Fest Best: Ronit Golan

2 Comments on Flickr Fest Best….Aquatonic

  1. Hello Heidi, I am a new reader of your lovely blog and i am very intrigued by your” beyond the square” project. Namely, do you have a plan for all those pretty little pieces of crochet? it would seem a real shame to stick them away in a drawer or something !
    Love your aqua choices, it really is a very pretty blog.
    thanks Susan

  2. Hey there Susan..
    Thank you for visitng my blog, I am glad you have enjoyed my posts!
    Glad you asked about the Beyond the Sqaure motifs, they won’t go to waste…I plan to use them for gift tags and tree decorations and I will post some photos in the near future to show them off 🙂
    Hope you have a fantastic weekend, and I hope to see you again soon

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