Fabric Button & Strip

The Grand Revival Flea Market Bag is this week's sewing project…

I actually bought this pattern early 2009

somehow it made it to the back of the junk cupboard with the

tennis rackets & Beano Comics…

Bag Pattern


In all honesty,

I am a little stuck for something to write…

this pattern was really easy,

either that I missed out a major step in the process.

Fabric Triangles

Take a look…

My day pretty much went like this

Cut out pattern

Cut out fabric & interfacing.

Pin & Fabric


Pin Fabric…sew inner Lining

Pin Fabric

Sew outer lining.

Fabric Button & Strip


Cut Fabric …make button

Cut fabric

Sew strip fastener.


Sewing machine foot


Pin linings…

Sew linings

remember the fabric strip.

Pin & Fabric


Pin straps…

Sew Straps

Add button.

Fabric Button

Okay, there was a little more to it than that…

there was some ironing too.

Steam-iron-comfigrip (Medium)

So here it is,

my version of the

Flea Market Bag!

Grand Revival Flae Market Bag

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  1. fine fantastic fun fabulous and-let us not forget-foxy flea market bag by the one and only Heidi! and the crowd goes wild!!!… or at least they should… if there was a crowd… which there is… in my head.
    p.s. it’s ok. i haven’t lost it. i’m just tired. 🙂

  2. Thank you Alison..I am working on your magnetic snaps tutorial, I’ve never written an online tutorial so it will be basic …but I plan to post it up next week 🙂
    Have a great week!

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