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Nicole Mallalieu
Frame Purse is this week's sewing project…


You might think I would have been put off with framed purse making after the U-Handbag Fortune Cookie Clutch fiasco…

but no.

I really like the idea of being able to whip up a small bag whenever I want, so I went ahead and bought another little kit, this time from…

Nicole Mallalieu


Purse Frame


What a great little kit…

in it, you get the purse pattern, frame (in this case 200mm frame), piping cord and interfacing. I have quite a bit of interfacing at home but nothing like this stuff.

This interfacing is woven and really pliable, which I should imagine would be great for dress making.


Fabric Purse


At first glance, the instructions look complicated but they aren't. It just appears that way because the print is small…

I love the way the mind plays tricks on you!

Fabric Purse


As expected, you are advised to read the instructions through properly before starting. I did this (sort off) and therefore didn't have any trouble sewing the purse.


Needle & Thread

Once you have assembled the purse, all there is left to do is to sew the small opening in the inner lining, glue on the frame, press in some piping cord and clamp down the frame…

Glueing the frame…easy to do?


Purse Frame

Yes it is!

Glueing and fitting the frame was in fact surprisingly easy…everything fitted perfectly.

Adding the piping cord and clamping the purse frame (as recommended) was a different story. It was you might say…

a little scary!

Purse Frame & Piping Cord

To help you along, you are given two 'clamping' methods to try; you can either hammer the purse frame down with the aid of some cork, or use a purse frame crimper….

Purse Frame Crimper?!

Yes. Like most people I don't have cork lying around the house let alone purse frame crimpers… but I have got a pair of Nylon Jaw Flat Nosed Plier. So I gently squeezed by purse frame together with them…

Nylon jaw what??


I also have some round nose, chain nose and crimping pliers… I occasionally tinker with jewellery making…earrings & bracelets etc.


Picture 1788 (Medium)


Anyway…here it is my lovely new 200mm

Frame Purse!

Purse Frame

Purse Frame


The Palmie Purse

Nicole Mallalieu Designs

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  1. okay. you’ve done it again now haven’t you? it is a thing of beauty and delight that 200 mm Frame Purse and has a very “interesting” name. you should re-name it too. what will you call it?

  2. How gorgeous and love the new name. On the Pattern Review weekend in Melbourne in March we had a 1/2 day workshop on D-Rings and straps with Nicole and she is such a wonderful and knowledgeable person. I have two of her bag patterns at home and and have a purse kit, now where are they?

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