Fabric petals


SEW Hip! Sew Small Headband
(issue 19) is completed, and as sticky pokey up things go this is really cute not to mention…

…incredibly easy to make!

fabric petals


Seriously, anyone can cut teardrop shaped fabric pieces (in various sizes) and sew them together to make a lovely headband.

This is the perfect afternoon project to do…

with your daughters, nieces or granddaughters!

fabric petals

After a little rolling up of petals, a tweak here and there…

you should end up with a beautiful flower ready to add to your SEW Hip! headband.



Fabric flower headband


The headband itself consists of 6mm wide elastic in a fabric tube which you then sew along with a zig zag stitch (elastic pulled taught as you work).

I tried the sewing and found it didn't work for me (no idea why), but as my headband was already nicely ruched before sewing  I decided to keep it as it was.

Sometimes it's best to leave things well alone!

ruched headband ruched headband


Attaching the flower to the headband is also easy. I used Gutermann Creativ glue along with a few secure stitches.

So here it is…

…My version of the
SEW Hip! Sew Small Headband


Sew Small headband

Sew small headband


SEW Hip! Small headband – Fabrics


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  1. Just think what else you could do with the same principal! Bobbles, brooches, a bag closing – you know the one where you put it round the neck of the bag! Great Heidi!!

  2. ….Thanks Alice for popping by, it’s great to hear from you!
    …I really enjoyed making yor headband, it took no time at all and you get such a great result. I can’t wait ot see what you will be bringing out next 🙂

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