The Palmie Purse


The Palmie Purse is my latest 'little' project…

If you are wondering why it is called the 'The Palmie", it's not because I happen to live near Palm Beach, but because this delightful little purse fits nicely into my hand…

Okay you caught me…

If I had made this purse correctly, it would have had the proper name of…Fortune Cookie Clutch (U-Handbag) but…

Lady Luck wasn't having any of it!


Bag inner lining   Dress pin

Bag inner lining   Bag inner lining

Why I don't know, as it all started off so well.

I mean, the inner lining came out perfectly, I correctly fused the wadding onto the outer lining as per the instructions, even the sewing of the outer lining went well…


For the life of me, I could not get the beautiful purse frame to fit!!!!




Purse frame

After a short break away from the frame & Gutermann glue fiasco..I decided to give up.

On the frame at least …there is no way I am wasting a perfectly good little shell of a purse just because I can't get the frame to fit…(I think maybe my 4mm seam allowance is a little larger than the one suggested)


So I decided to make up a closing using my newly purchased 14mm magnetic snaps.

They are surprisingly easy to use!

The Palmie Purse   The Palmie Purse

The Palmie Purse   The Palmie Purse





I am so glad I didn't give up on this purse…

adding an extra border of fabric to create a new closing was really easy and it took no time at all.

I love my my little hybrid here it is




The 'Palmie' Purse

The Palmie Purse

The Palmie Purse 
The Palmie Purse
The Palmie Purse 



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  1. What a brilliant idea! Love, love, love it as Lucy would say!! I haven’t seen these little snaps before. Can we have a tutorial please?

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