giant clam bag 

Okay, so it's not really called the U-Handbag Giant Clam Bag but it should be!!

This lovely design by Lisa Lam (U-Handbag) is actually called the "Cavernous Carpet Bag" and I bought it as a complete kit containing;

♥ 1 x 8" tubular bag frame

♥ 1 x med. grid bag bottom

♥ 1/2 yd exterior fabric

♥ 3/4 yd lining fabric

♥ 1/2 yd med. fusible interfacing

♥ 1/2 compressed fleece

The pattern is available on it's own but I thought I would make my life a little easier and have all the materials prepared for me…


compressed fleece    bag strap
bag bottom    bag straps


The Cavernous Carpet Bag is very easy to make thanks to Lisa's brilliant instructions. 

In fact, this bag was so simple to make I only remembered to take photos after I had made the straps and assembled the sides!!

Smiling Cavenous Carpet Bag
Even adding the tubular frame was easy once I added some brute force & ignorance (& pliers) to the matter… 



 tubular fram    Cavenous Carpet Bag

Cavenous Carpet Bag    tubular frame

Once the frame has been added the final effect looks like this…


A Giant Clam!!!


  U-Handbag Cavenous Carpet Bag


Okay, let me show it off properly…

So here it is…

…My very own Cavernous Carpet Bag



  U-Handbag Cavenous Carpet Bag




6 Comments on U-handbag: The Giant Clam Bag…

  1. That is one very large beautiful bag! In a couple of your pics it reminds me a little (just a little) of Audrey II the man-eating plant from Little Shop of Horrors… so i’m a little (just a little) afraid of it… it is inanimate, right? 🙂

  2. I’m frightened I would fit in that bag it looks that huge.
    Well done on a very smart looking bag.
    So this is what you get up to when DH is skiing:)

  3. I have several books that shows how to make a carpet bag like this, but you made it look so simple & easy! I absolutely want to make at least one or two, maybe in various size. I love to try out new things. Thanks for sharing, your bag looks fab 😀

  4. Thank you – but all the credit should really go to Lisa Lam and her easy to follow instructions & kits 🙂
    …I can’t wait to see your carpet bags – I know they will be gorgeous!

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