Red White Blue Crochet

Red, White, & Blue are the latest colours to join my little crochet cotton collection.


I think I mentioned last week that I wouldn’t normally choose to work with blue…

It’s not that I don’t like blue, it’s just that blue doesn’t get my

toes excited!

Red White Blue Crochet


Ever seen ‘Happy Feet’, the film about the penguin who expresses himself through his dancing feet?


Well, I have the same thing going on with my toes,

(much to the amusement of my husband).

If you want to know if I truly like your present, watch the toes. They never lie (unfortunately).


Picture 2152 (Medium)


 Anyway…To try and appease the blue goddess, I thought I would make another one of those lovely Japanese Pin Cushions…


It turned out to be quite good fun…of course my toes and I have yet

to be convinced by ‘blue’

but I think we are getting there.

Japanese Piun Cushion



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5 Comments on Crochet: Red, White & Blue

  1. Wow – I love it! The red, white and blue just POP out…it is so stunning. What do you use to stuff the pin cushion? These would make lovely gifts. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey Sandy…thanks for stopping by!!
    To stuff the pincushion I used siliconised polyester soft fill (designed for toys & cushions).
    As I still have a big stash of it from when I made Henrietta the Hippo, I will have to line up a few more pincushiosn 🙂

  3. You really put me to shame!! This is beauuuuuutiful and I quite like the blue. These would sell on my stall and as for the parrot?! Something for the boys! Thanks for sharing.

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