Pikake Flower & Aquamarine

The Dolce Ella Purse is this weeks sewing show & tell. I was hoping to have had the SEW Hip! Butterfly Quilt finished today…


But as I mentioned on Monday, I couldn't resist playing in the sun in Saturday so I am a little behind on the quilt (the binding still needs adding).

Thank God for Nicole Mallalieu and her

wonderful little sewing kits!


Purse Kit


A while back I made Nicole's 200mm Frame Purse; this time around I opted to make the 150mm Frame Purse.  I have christened this purse the Dolce Ella after…


Tanya Whelan's gorgeous fabric Ella (in Ice)

from her Dolce range

(see what I did!)

Dolce Ella In Ice

As with the first purse, this pattern is really easy to follow. I think it only took me a couple hours to make including my usual pffafing about.


I was baffled by over one of the steps.



Purse Frame & piping cord

Towards the end of the instructions, before you glue on your frame, you are given the the option to 'sew' the piping cord into the seam allowance of the lining.

I have absolutely no memory of that being an option on the last purse.



Piping Cord & Needle


Sewing in the piping cord before glueing the frame on

makes life so much easier.

How did I miss it last time?!


  Gutermann Creativ Glue

Glueing the frame on, proved to be a doddle this time round also…

it went on first time,

there was no excess glue dribbling down the sides,

and best of all..

I didn't have glue all over me!


  Dolce Ella Purse


Making things for show & tell is only part of the attraction of Blogland…

the other side of it all is the presentation.

There is nothing more exciting to me than taking photos of the process. The Dolce Ella was no exception; the fabric I used is in the colourway called 'Ice'.


I thought I would play this

and brought out my jewellery box.


 Picture 3182 (Medium)


I may not have diamonds to play with but I do have an …

awesome &

Über blingy

Aquamarine bracelet with matching knuckle duster!


Dolce Ella Purse & Aquamarine Bracelet


I love this particular piece of bling, it's a real eye catcher and looks amazing on when you have a tan. 

But after a few shots I started to wonder if by changing the jewellery

the purse might take on a different look & feel;

a new persona.


 Island Flower & Dolce Ella

Apparently it does.



Island Flower & Dolce Ella

With the bling gone and an island flower put in it's place, my Dolce Ella took on a more

lighthearted younger feel…



Island Flower & Dolce Ella

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  1. Wonderful bag and good to hear they get easier to make.
    Have found both of mine and you saw the one I won, but off to Thredbo this weekend, so no sewing πŸ™

  2. wow! dazzling photos heidi! and the bag is brilliant! i don’t see the piping in the finished photos so I’m assuming it is stuffed in the hardware somewhere… ah the mysteries of bag-making!

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