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Flickr Fest Best this week took a little detour away from crochet & sewing, into the magical world of paper stars & pencils….


Thanks to Gláucia Góes.

Without her popping along to my photostream, I would never have chanced upon the wonderful world of pencils. As for the paper stars…

pencils really aren't much good without







Flickr Fest Best: fallen..angel

new star tessellation

Flickr Fest Best: EricGjerde

just waiting to be picked

Flickr Fest Best: sazztastical



seeing stars

Flickr Fest Best: ljlh*designs


Flickr Fest Best: Dragan*




Flickr Fest Best:  mancinerie

Escultturas em lapis

Flickr Fest Best: Raois De Luz – Gláucia Góes


Flickr Fest Best: mancinerie

pencil sculpture

Flickr Fest Best: Raois De Luz – Gláucia Góes

Aurora Variation

Flickr Fest Best: Mélisande*

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