Sew Hip! Tote Bag

The SEW Hip! Tote Bag (issue14) is the the first SEW Hip! project I have done in a while, I think… I am really struggling at the moment to recall anything about the past 8 weeks.

I wonder if it's possible to be  


by crochet?

There should be a health warning.


SEW Hip! Tote Bag - Cord

To rectify things I decided last week that I would make the SEW Hip! Tote bag. I am hoping it will help ease me back into sewing… or ease me out of crochet, I am still unsure which it is.

Anyway, I believe I said something about it looking

easy peasy to make.


It is/was..(as all things SEW Hip!are) but be warned… 

sewing & Hip Hop do not mix.

I tried it.

It was strangely reminiscent of when I tried to weave along to Les Négresses Vertes; just as yarn doesn't do Gypsy music, it seems that fabric doesn't do Rap.

SEW Hip! Tote Bag Ribbon

Getting back to the sewing for a minute; No doubt you are wondering if I made my usual 'adaptations' …well yes I did. In fact I started to mess with the pattern from the outset.

Why use one fabric for your bag when you can use two!

(and ribbon)…

Furthermore, why waste time making bag handles when you don't have to. Okay, you will have to make bag handles…

unless you do a lot of 'just in case' shopping

like I do.

Beyond the Sqaure Motif 6


I honestly had every intention of making my own bag handles. I had my piping cord ready…I was just about to cut some more fabric when jetlag set in.

After a 10 minute snoozefest (jetlag can be fun), I remembered my 'just in case' purchase from a few weeks back…


Bamboo handles!



Why try and muster up energy to make bag handles when you have some ready made?

 So what if your bag doesn't actually open up…

it still looks good …right?



SEW Hip! Tote Bag


Annoyingly, my logic managed to reason with my jetlag and they came up with this little gem…a bag that doesn't open, isn't really a bag.

Logic sucks sometimes.


I had another 10 min snooze.

Luckily, this 10 minute snooze was as productive as the last one. Why not simply unstitch the top of the side seams further to allow the bag to open up?  (woohoo for logic).

To finish my latest SEW Hip! prtoject,  I added a Beyond The Square Motif (no. 6). 

Do I feel inspired to sew more? Kind of…

So here it is, my version of the Sew Hip! Tote Bag…

Jetlagged Daisy

SEW Hip! Tote Bag

SEW Hip! Tote Bag

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  1. that rap-induced jet-lag-and-crochet-rattled brain of yours makes some fine decisions, I have to say!!! My favourite part of this bag (sorry to tell you) is in fact the lovely little crochet ornament on the side! how sweet it is…

  2. I love those little buys that the hubbie isn’t aware of…. yet!
    I can’t wait to my hubbie’s face when he finds the stack of printed tissue papers I bought the other day for presents. He already thinks I spend too much on wrapping paper 🙂

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