Magnetic Snaps

The Magnetic Snaps Tutorial is in this week's sewing spot…

I don't usually write tutorials, only pattern reviews

but Alison (Alisob2) suggested I give it a



The Palmie Purse

But before I carry on…

I am going to put my hand up right now and admit that I have only ever fitted snaps once before…two weeks ago…and because I had messed up the original pattern for the Palmie Purse.


They are surprisingly easy to fit so here's the



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Background Info

Never given magnetic snaps much thought? Okay no problem.

A pair of magnetic snaps basically consist of;

  • 1 magnetised half (has 2 prongs & an indentation)
  • 1 unmagnetised half (also with 2 prongs)
  • 2 backing pieces that have 3 cut out holes (each)

They are used on purses and small bags to offer a secure closing but have the added benefit of giving your work a professional look.

To fit them all you need is a ruler (or other measuring device), pen or pencil and a seam ripper.


Magnetic Snaps



Correct positioning of your snaps is crucial, so you need to measure accurately where you are going to place your snaps…

or the contents of your purse will be on the floor everytime you use it.

Once you have marked up where you snaps need to sit for a secure closing, take one of the backing pieces (3 cut out holes), place it over the marked spot and mark out your cutting holes.


Seam Ripper


Using a seam ripper, gently slit open the holes to the correct lenght to allow the prongs of the snap piece to fit.

Magnetic Snaps


Wear & Tear

Wear & tear will eventually happen to all fabrics but to minimise the wear & tear around your snaps, I recommend you cut and fit a piece of felt or batting about the size of your snap (square is fine).

As before, simply mark on the felt or batting where the prong holes are to go, and cut two slits open.

Magnetic Snaps



A secure fitting is the key to a good purse or bag…

To fit, gently ease the magnetic snap through the right side of the fabric adding the felt/batting to the wrong side of the fabric.

Add one of the backing pieces (3 holes) to the felt/batting side and press the prongs down firmly.

Magnetic Snaps



To add the second half of the magnetic snap, simply repeat the same process as above AFTER you have double checked the positioning of the snaps (just in case).

Magnetic Snaps


There you…

Magnetic Snaps..

surprisingly easy

to fit!

Magnetic Snaps

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  1. i’m am definitely going to have to give these a whirl (just need a project). these fasteners are so elegant and look pretty do-able. thanks for the lovely tutorial Heidi!

  2. I was wondering where you purchase the magnetic snaps from. Great tutorial, by the way!

  3. Great tutorial! I was trying to use these in lined bags, is there any secret to doing that?

  4. Hi Charlie,
    Thank you for stopping by Sewing Daisies.
    I think the above process should work fine for the lining of bags too. You may want to double up on your lining fabric to lend a little strength to it so the snaps don’t cause the lining to sag/tear.

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