Blue Lagoon Scarf

The Blue Lagoon Scarf has finally been completed….


It took a little longer than I anticipated because

I was struck down with


half way through, but I got there in end.


Blue Lagoon Scarf

For those you didn’t catch the earlier post,

this scarf is made from a lovely Japanese pattern using Italian Angora in navy & peacock…

very lush!


Blue Lagoon Scarf


If you have never tried crocheting a scarf before,

I highly recommend this one.

It’s basic structure is easy to do and with motivation you can complete it in no time.

Blue Lagoon Scarf


So here it is, my version of the….

Blue Lagoon Scarf


Blue Lagoon Scarf




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  1. This is a delightful scarf, Heidi, whose colours remind me of the ocean! So pretty and such a lovely idea for a Christmas gift.

  2. I like this! I also particularly like the peacock feathers in the background. Nicely done!

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