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Flickr Fest Best this week is all about the humble slipper…





… I have hankering for a new pair.

Now all I have to decide is whether to sew, felt or crochet?


  house slippers

Flickr Fest Best:  gentlytiptoe

Felted Wool Slippers

Flickr Fest Best: madsbelly



Flickr Fest Best: ingermaaike2


Thrift Store Slippers


Flickr Fest Best:  terhimon

Felt Slippers

 Flickr Fest Best: Ray_chel


Black Pink Crochet Slipper

 Flickr Fest Best: Natalya1905


Woanen's slipper Handmade


 Flickr Fest Best: brokenhallelujah


Kimono-Style Slippers


Flickr Fest Best: Brittney Michelle


Felted Slippers

 Flickr Fest Best: CJallhandmade


Carri Slippers

Flickr Fest Best: tracey ♥ jeffrey


Sweet Cherries Baby Boots

Flickr Fest Best: Jennifer Ladd handmade


Lilac Baby Slippers

Flickr Fest Best: mon petit violin


Hand Sewn Slippers

Flickr Fest Best: catscluttercrafts


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  1. Oh gosh me too! I’ve had a link for Mary Janes posted on my blog for eons hoping to someday get started on a pair of lovelies. Life gets in the way… sigh… What great inspiration this little parade of “pantoufles” you have here. I might just have to do one of these instead… decisions…

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