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Flickr Fest Best this week is all about doorways…and you thought I was just about crochet & sewing.

Well, I also like buildings, the old interesting looking ones that is.

Add a dash of colour and

I am in heaven.




  haregade, Nyboder

 FYI: I spent my early childhood living in Nyboder…could explain my love of old & colourful?

 Flickr Fest Best: Markle1



Colourful Doorway


  Flickr Fest Best: Nicole_Haskey


Doorway in Chongwu, China


 Flickr Fest Best: meckleychina


Colourful Doorwar, Essauira Medina

 Flickr Fest Best: Sy Hart


Rustic Colourful Door...


 Flickr Fest Best: Robert Crum


  paris - Doorway

  Flickr Fest Best: ClarissaWAM


Rustic Colourful doorway...

  Flickr Fest Best: Robert Crum



Painted Doorway

 Flickr Fest Best: cuttlefishlove


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Flickr Fest Best: Robert Crum


SOMA Doorway


 Flickr Fest Best: The Grand Collage


Moulay Mausoleum Meknes

 Flickr Fest Best: Mike Eddie Jousiffe


NYC Store Front

 Flickr Fest Best: arnies photos


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