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Flickr Fest Best is going on a mystery tour this week….

A few months back my husband came home grinning like a Cheshire Cat,

which means one of two things…

Ski season has begun or he has a nice surprise for me.

Cheshire Cat
Flickr Fest Best: Sharif Salama


As he had just been skiing, it could only mean a nice surprise for me


Now, I am not sure how the 'Give Me A Clue' game works in other households but in this one it basically works like this…I ask what the surprise is, and he tells me.


It's that easy!

Anyway, the surprise is a weekend away to go to….(here's some clues)


  Volvo Badge

Flickr Fest Best: Saabrobz

Bork Bork Bork Swedish Chef
Flickr Fest Best: Waynekaa

Ikea Swedish meatlballs

Flickr Fest Best: Y-Shumin


Flickr Fest Best: Rock Chalk Jayhawk Cartographer



Waterloo Tube Sign

Flickr Fest Best: Catya_Maria007



Flickr Fest Best: Digger Digger Dogstar



Abba Senapssill  

Flickr Fest Best: ABBA Seafood



 No, the surprise is not a trip to Ikea…

or Sweden (unfortunately)


ABBA World in Melbourne!!


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  1. Have a fantastic time and I love ABBA as well.
    On another note your DH has to have some serious discussions with mine (and not about partolling) about nice surprises for his wife LOL.

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