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SEW Hip! Baby Booties (issue 16)

have been completed…

Which is fantastic!

It now means I only have 5 SEW Hip projects to do to finish my 2010 SEW Hip! Challenge


that I have made my first ‘clothing’ item.


Okay, so I made a McCall’s A-Line skirt in 2009, but that was so long ago it doesn’t count anymore.


Picture 3748 (Medium)

 I don’t actually have much to say about this pattern

except that the SEW Hip! baby booties were alot easier to make than I anticipated…

which is good.


SEW Hip! Baby Booties

This is probably down to the fact the pattern has good diagrams to help you along.

That is, until you get to step 6

‘finishing the sole’.



SEW Hip! Baby Booties

I really struggled to understand the written instructions and the diagram.

I just couldn’t picture what they wanted!

 Fortunately the husband was about.


SEW Hip! Baby Booties


To finish of the soles all you need to do is sew the soles right side together

with all the boot sides & ruffles sandwiched between them…

easy really

(when you know how).


SEW Hip! Baby Booties


 So here they are, my version of the  

SEW Hip! Baby Booties!!

SEW Hip! Baby Booties


SEW Hip! Baby Booties


SEW Hip! Baby Booties


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  1. booty-ful (hee hee)! congratulations on getting this far in your Sew Hip Challenge! time flies when you’re having fun, doesn’t it?

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