SEW Hip! Butterfly Quilt


 SEW Hip! Butterfly Quilt (issue 11) is finished…

I mentioned in the prequel, that I was concerned about the potential of running this quilt through the 'Twee Mill'.

Well, I realised after writing that day that if I made the SEW Hip! Butterfly Quilt for a baby or a young child, then it wouldn't matter how twee it turned out…

Have you ever heard a child use the word


No neither have I, problem solved.

  Frog Bull Clip

The SEW Hip! Butterfly Quilt is incredibly easy to make. I know I say that about all of the quilts published by SEW Hip!…


but this one is ridiculously

EASY to make.

The quilt uses 117 (5"x5") squares to make up the top cover which sounds a lot, but if you have a bunch of Charm Packs or a Layer Cake (10"x10") ready to go, you'll have your top cover pieced together in no time.


   Picture 2191 (Medium)


The butterflies were equally agreeable.

SEW Hip! recommends you get some fusible web to help stick your butterflies to the quilt before sewing.

I went with the 'place & pin' method.



I backed my butterflies with interfacing to stop them flopping about and simply pinned them in place. It's as easy as that. Well, the pinning bit was anyway.

It took me forever to decided where I wanted my butterflies. In the end I opted for the 'less is more' approach.


Stupid 'Twee' Phobia…

there's 3 hours of my life I won't get back!


Red & White spotty binding

Thankfully the binding part of the process went quickly.

To frame my SEW Hip! Butterfly Quilt, I used the same lovely red & white spotty fabric I used on my SEW Hip! Summer Brick Quilt.

I love this fabric,

it really lifts you up!!

REd & White Spotty Binding

Did I mention that I changed the shape of the quilt? My Butterfly Quilt is now a playmat, and it's square.


So here it is, my (first )version of the…

SEW Hip! Butterfly Quilt


 Picture 3619 (Medium)



I am not quite done yet…


I thought I would do something a little different and show you how easy it is to pass off the same quilt as a completely different one!

Here goes… SEW Hip! Butterfly Quilt


                         Version 2                                           Version 3

SEW Hip! Butterfly Quilt   SEW Hip! Butterfly Quilt
Version 4

SEW Hip! Butterfly Quilt

Seriously, it's the same quilt!

Not convinced?

Okay…I tried.


SEW Hip! Butterfly Quilt


It must just be me then…

very gullible me.


Henrietta the Hippo


Picture 3753 (Medium)

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  1. It definately looks like a different quilt to me and you have made a wodnerfully cute playmate that will keep little ones amused for hours.

  2. heidi, are you sure that’s the VERY same quilt? the very one? well I guess I’ll have to take your word for it. nonetheless, it is so lovely as are your photos and your sweet sweet hippo. thanks for the show and tell!

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