Japanese Crochet Book


Crochet: Christmas Shopping List – Book 2 is another delightful Japanese book…


That would fit perfectly into a

Christmas stocking.

I have made 3 patterns from this book, and I am about to start a fourth. 

This book really is value for money and I expect it will remain in the 'favourite' pile for a long time to come.


 Remember these?


Crochet: War of Roses

Crochet: War of the Roses


Crochet: Summer of Love Scarf

Crochet: Summer of Love Scarf


Crochet: Blue Lagoon

Crochet: Blue Lagoon


You really can't beat Japanese crochet books!


As you know, I can't read Japanese so I won't be able to give you the name of the book, but I can offer you the ISBN and where I bought mine from.

IBSN: 9784072622209




Just noticed a mistake on the Christmas Shopping List: Book1 post; in it I showcased the Blue Lagoon Scarf when in fact it should have been the Lollipop Scarf. If you have bought Book 1 for the Blue Lagoon Scarf, please email me and I will send you the pattern…(sorry!)