Crochet: Lollipop Scarf

Crochet: Lollipop Scarf
is this weeks crochet offering…


So…there is only 8 (ish) more weeks till Christmas.

“Holy Jingle Bells!!”

is exactly what I thought too…


I love Christmas, but I would love it even more if it didn’t sneak up and smack you around the back of the head each year.


Crochet: Lollipop Scarf


I need more time…much more time.

  Crochet: Lollipop Scarf

 I had all these grand plans of making everyone

on my list a lovely little gift.

Crochet: Lollipop Scarf


So in a complete panic

I started on this lovely little Japanese pattern.

  Lollipop Scarf


 It’s amazing what you can do when you have to, one

Lollipop Scarf

all wrapped up & ready to go!


Crochet: Lollipop Scarf


11 Comments on Crochet: Lollipop Scarf…

  1. And it is a beauty ! lovely, lovely colours. lucky is the girl who finds that in her stocking.

  2. I know how you feel about Christmas, I’m the same but way behind schedule……………Arghhh! ♥Sue♥

  3. Hello,
    This is really beautiful? Can you tell me what Japanese Crochet book it is from? The pattern is really nice

  4. Hello, I am also wondering what the title of the book is. Would you be able to share this with me as well? Thanks!

  5. Hello, I really love this scarf! Would you share the details of the book with me please?

  6. Hey there Gillian,
    The pattern is from a lovely Japanese crochet book…
    IBSN: 9784072680919, Riyoukai Kazuko
    You can get really great Japanese books from:

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