Crochet: Sage Purse


Crochet: Sage Purse is my latest offering from my Japanese crochet books and as you can see…


 the crochet bird is back!

It must be the original title

I have given this project that has brought it back…

Crochet: Sage Purse


I really would love

to be able come up with original names for my crochet projects,

but I get nothing.

So Sage Purse it is.


Crochet: Sage Purse


Last week I decided that

I would turn my crochet hand to something a

little different.


Crochet: Sage Purse

I have made…

flowers brooches

baby boots


a baby mobile

pin cushions

and a mountain of motifs but not a purse.

Crochet: Sage Purse



This is my first crochet purse…the aptly named

Sage Purse


Picture 3432 (Medium)

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  1. does sage refer to the colour or the wisdom of the purse? you could call it the sage sage purse to put your own little spin on it… whatever its name it is surely a pretty purse indeed!

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