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Flickr Fest Best has gone flower crazy…

Spring has arrived 'Down Under'

which means all of my flower in the garden and on the balcony are finally blossoming.

I love flowers!

So much infact I decided to check out Flickr's flowery offerings…

check these beauties out!



Big Blue Kanzashi
Flickr Fest Best: MJR Designs

Silk Scarf Kanzashi Brooch  
Flickr Fest Best:

  Happy Easter Egg Kanzashi
Flickr Fest Best: Hatsu-Chan


Red Kanzashi Orchids
Flickr Fest Best: anbodesign

WIP Kanzashi
Flickr Fest Best:  melanie gray augustin

Bright Kanzashi Chrysanthemum
Flickr Fest Best:  anbodesign

Valentine Kanzashi
Flickr Fest Best: Hatsumiko

Red & Black Sakura Kanzashi
Flickr Fest Best: MJR Designs

Kiku Kanzashi
Flickr Fest Best: MJR Designs



Kanzashi in Bloom!

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  1. This is a great selection Heidi, I like flowers so much, I usually wear them on my jackets etc… I think I would wear all of this gorgeous!

  2. Hi Heidi, I adore flowers and the ones you posted here are exquisite. I’m always in awe of talent like this. Go for it!

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