SEW Hip! Blossom Clutch

SEW Hip! Blossom Clutch (issue 23) is ready to go….

The countdown has truly begun!

The SEW Hip! Blossom Clutch is my fourth to last SEW Hip! Challenge project

and it looks great.


Actually everything looks great at the moment.

I have 3 project left to make, with a whole 6 weeks to do it in.



Hex Frame & Chain




Have I mentioned yet how cruisy this project is?

It is seriously easy

Even with the weird looking 'Hex' frame.




Hex Frame & Chain

 I know I say this all the time about

SEW Hip! patterns

but this one is really easy.



  SEW Hip! Blossom Clutch step 4





In fact, I think most sewers would be able to knock this beauty out in no time

without the template or instructions!




  Joel Dewbeery & Khristian A Howell Fabric




 I even found the whole back to front, upside down inside out section easy


I always get that wrong.

SEW Hip! Blossom Clutch step 4

Of course I slightly deviated from the pattern. I didn't sew in a pocket

nor did I use 'thin wadding' for the bag sides. 



a) I never use internal bag pockets, and

b) I couldn't be bothered to go and buy some 'thin wadding'.

I used left over quilting batting instead.



  Joel Dewberry & Khristian A Howell fabric



  Luckily, the slighter thicker batting didn't compromise the look of the bag. If nothing, I think it has helped to keep the bag's lovely curved lines.

There's nothing worse than a saggy bottom!


  Chain Handle & fabric


 The bulk of the sewing for the SEW Hip! Blossom Clutch takes less than an hour including adding the o'rings to hold the chain handle.

Which is simply amazing

for a beginner's project let alone an intermediate one.

  O'ring & ribbon


Once the o'rings are in place, all that there is left to do is create the frame casing.

It's a little more sewing but again nothing

that even most inexperienced sewer can't handle.



Hex Frame & Fabric

 To create the frame casing, simply fold over the tops of your bag side (approx 4cm).

Double check your Hex frame can slide into the casing and sew.




  Hex Frame & fabric


Then it's simply a matter of gently pushing your separated frame pieces into your casing and popping the hinge nails back in.


Hex frame opening



You should…

end up with something that looks like this


SEW Hip! Blossom Clutch bag opening
SEW Hip! Blossom Clutch


Add the chain handle…..



SEW Hip! Blossom Clutch


Hey Presto!

SEW Hip! Blossom Clutch!



SEW Hip! Blossom Clutch

SEW Hip! Blossom Clutch

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  1. wow, that contraption looked remarkably like a bear trap before you hid it within the bag! luckily the finished piece looks nothing like a bear trap. it’s awesome heidi!

  2. The Hex frame opening is small but you can cram alot into the actual bag…I got the frame, rings & chain from The Persian Bazaar on Ebay, they are based in Melbourne so everything arrives quickly.

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